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8 months old

This baby girl is so. dang. cute. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and the cutest smile, and that tongue! 😛 So adorable. I need to find her boots in my size. 🙂

One year old twins

I got to take these handsome boys’ newborn photos, so I loved getting to see them again after they turned a year old! Their parents must have so much fun with them.

Gorgeous baby girl (newborn mini session)

Oh. My. Not only is this baby girl absolutely gorgeous, but she was a complete dream to photograph too. All of her features are so perfect, I had all the heart eyes while I was editing her photos. She reminded me a lot of my daughter as a baby (who is now seven years old…


Baby Jericko was born just 14 months after his gorgeous “big” sister Kyra. Such a beautiful family with adorable kiddos! And I love that I got to capture the very first time big bro held baby bro.

Fourth baby girl

This family lives by me, and as I was editing their sweet baby girl’s photos I kept being tempted to knock on their door to ask to snuggle her. Haha! Before she arrived, her momma told me that all of her baby girls are born with big cheeks and lots of dark hair. She was…

Puppy + boy = adorable

This was such a fun session! This sweet family just got this ridiculously adorable mini Goldendoodle puppy, and asked me to photograph him with their 4 year old. We also got some family photos, but I forgot to ask permission to share those, so I’m just sharing boy + puppy photos. 🙂 So stinking cute!

Boy/Girl Newborn Twins

This was actually the first time I’ve ever photographed boy/girl twins! I was super excited and I’ve absolutely loved photographing twins (and triplets) in the past. These two were not at all interested in being sleepy for photos, but they were both so gorgeous. It’s always an honor to capture sweet little ones when they’re…

Beautiful sisters

These two sisters were so sweet! And both so gorgeous. The photo of them looking at the book is one of my favorites. We were just trying to cheer up baby T, but the moment brought me back to when my boys were about the age of big sis. They had just learned to read,…

Chasing a toddler

Parents often apologize when their kids aren’t quite cooperating for photos, but I honestly love the challenge. I always try to go into a session with a game plan, but I always know my plans will go right out the window, especially with toddlers. I love just following them around (sometimes practically chasing, haha) and…

Baby Milestones

This cutie has been one of my favorite baby’s ever to photograph. He is just so dang cute. He was full of the most adorable smiles for his 6 month session. And that cute little baby bum! There’s nothing cuter than a squishy sweet baby. Check out my milestone packages. It is a fabulous way…

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