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I tried to find all of my blog posts from this handsome boy’s newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year photos, but I can’t seem to track them all down! I got to take his photos on his actual 1st birthday AND 2nd birthday — so fun!! In true 2-year-old fashion, he…

Lyndon turns 3!

Some people are just born camera ready, and Lyndon is definitely one of those people! She is so stunning and photogenic– a total natural in front of the camera. This was the third year in a row I got to photograph her, and I got such a kick out of her 3-year-old personality and vocabulary.

Wylder turns 2!

I got to photograph Wylder when he was a tiny newborn and again for his first birthday, so I was thrilled to photograph him again for his 2nd birthday! He has always been such a handsome little guy, especially with those stunning blue eyes. I adore my returning clients, so much that I always give…

Two years old!

I get to work with so many photogenic little ones, and cutie pie L takes the cake! She had just turned two years old and this was the second time I got to photograph her and those big brown eyes. Her momma always brings the CUTEST outfits for her too. I love her momma’s style…

Big Sister, Little Sister

Photographing siblings makes my world go ’round! This big sister, little sister duo was absolutely adorable! Big sis was also super cooperative, which always makes my job easier. 😉 And how beautiful are baby girls’ sweet features?! *** Emily Menzie Photography is located in the Little Valley area of Saint George, Utah. Specializing in baby’s…

Oh, hi there!

These past few months have been busier than ever so this blog has been sadly neglected. This session was over two months ago, but too cute not to share. Little Violet was absolutely adorable, just like her two big sisters. These three cute girlies actually have three older brothers who were in school during their…

Three girls and a boy

This beautiful family welcomed a surprise baby boy after having three gorgeous girls. I’m sure this adorable little guy gets so much love!!

Puppy + boy = adorable

This was such a fun session! This sweet family just got this ridiculously adorable mini Goldendoodle puppy, and asked me to photograph him with their 4 year old. We also got some family photos, but I forgot to ask permission to share those, so I’m just sharing boy + puppy photos. 🙂 So stinking cute!

Beautiful sisters

These two sisters were so sweet! And both so gorgeous. The photo of them looking at the book is one of my favorites. We were just trying to cheer up baby T, but the moment brought me back to when my boys were about the age of big sis. They had just learned to read,…

Chasing a toddler

Parents often apologize when their kids aren’t quite cooperating for photos, but I honestly love the challenge. I always try to go into a session with a game plan, but I always know my plans will go right out the window, especially with toddlers. I love just following them around (sometimes practically chasing, haha) and…

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