Boy/Girl TWINS

Here is another long overdue post! After a post-Christmas maternity session in dreamy Snow Canyon, we had scheduled these adorable twins’ newborn session ahead of time. They ended up arriving a bit early and spent some time in the hospital to grow bigger and stronger. We ended up doing their photo session just a day before the originally scheduled session. The most amazing thing about this beautiful fam is that this is their SECOND set of twins. This adorable brother/sister pair joined a big brother and twin 2-year-old sisters. Because it was smack in the middle of the yucky flu season, and because they were so brand new and freshly home from the hospital, I went to their gorgeous home to take their photos.

I got a kick out of how they referred to their girl twins and boy/girl twins as “twin sets”. Big bro said his favorite “twin set” was the newest one because he got a long awaited baby brother! It was obvious that each of these kiddos were “the favorite” though…so much love all around! I was also amazed with their parents and how efficiently they kept their crew running! I can only imagine it’s a ton of work. Major props to their momma (and dad, of course).

This past February was my busiest month ever, as almost all of my pre-scheduled newborns arrived early and over the same weekend! Maybe it was that whole Super-Moon thing, who knows?! I was so relieved that everything ended up working out to get these cutie’s photos done.


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