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First birthday photos!

Baby’s first birthday photos are a blast! There is always the option to do a cake smash at the end, but I always try to start with getting some sweet 1 year portraits too. Here are some one year photo sessions I’ve been wanting to share!

Sitter Sessions!

Sitter sessions are some of my absolute FAVORITE sessions to photograph! “Sitter Sessions” are for 6-9 month old babies, and as the name implies, they are ideal when babies have learned to sit up. Sitting up allows for a much wider variety of photos, but I love getting all kinds of shots during sitter sessions…

Gorgeous little one

Oh my, this gorgeous little one was so lovely! She was absolutely dreamy to photograph. I’ve been wanting to share these photos for such a long time…better late than never! ***Looking for a newborn photographer? Emily Menzie Photography specializes in baby photography from newborns to baby’s first year, established in 2008. Contact Emily today to…

Baby J

So fun to meet this sweet fam! Little baby J was absolutely perfect and so fun to photograph. ***Emily Menzie specializes in baby photography from newborn to first birthday! Mini and full sessions are available as your baby grows. Contact Emily to discuss and schedule your baby’s photo session!

Best baby rolls ever

This gorgeous little babe wins hands down for best baby rolls ever. She is such a perfect little marshmallow baby! I love love love sitter sessions because babies are always so happy, they can sit up (hence the name for the session), and it’s usually when they’ve got the best of their baby rolls going…

Little E

This little beauty joined such a beautiful fam! Her big sister was such a doll too. I loved this session so I had to share more– in a very belated post. 😉   *** Emily Menzie specializes in Baby’s First Year Photography, from newborn to first birthday! Located in the Little Valley area of Saint…

Little bear

A little throwback to this sweet newborn session. I got this little bear hat a while ago and baby T looked absolutely adorable in it! Talk about sweet lips and lashes too.

Cutest blond mohawk

It’s hard not to have favorites with babies that are this cute! I got to work this ridiculously cute baby boy every 3 months with my milestone package. (Oh man…I’m determined to catch up this blog and it just might never happen, but even though his birthday was 3 months ago I had to share…

Baby boy

This adorable baby boy was so mellow and sweet! I love getting to work with brand new parents.  

Simply newborn

If I could choose just one color to photograph newborns in, it would of course be white. White captures the essence of these pure, simple, and new little ones. I always give my clients the option to choose what colors they’d like to use for their session, and this little guys’ momma requested mostly white….

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