Little beauty with the most AMAZING lashes

I could write an entire post just about this little beauty’s eyelashes. Oh. My. Goodness. Her big brother had the same amazing lashes and the CUTEST smile. Seriously what ridiculously adorable kids. I L.O.V.E. getting to photograph cute siblings like these! This is yet another long overdue post, but little Ivy’s photos definitely had to be shared. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!

I often get asked if this gig makes me baby hungry, and most of the time it all gives me just the right amount of baby fix. 🙂 But perfect little ones like her make me want to ask their parents if I can at least babysit sometimes, haha. I seriously have to bite my tongue to stop myself from asking if I can just keep these cuties. When parents have sleepless nights, I could totally help out and snuggle their little babe. Haha–totally not creepy! 😉

I could have at least photographed Ivy all day. She was absolute perfection. Those red lips, squishy cheeks, beautiful hair…come on now! Her parents must stare at her all day. This is what I hope to capture in each session…when new parents just want to soak up every bit of their new baby, I hope to give them a record of that through photographs. And you know what they say–Photography is a form of time travel. Anyway, I always want to pinch myself when the extra cute babies sleep through their entire session and let me pose them however I want to get these squishy sweet photos.


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