December baby! …catching up in March :)

I’m determined to get this blog caught up to date (as always), and December was an extra busy month! I always have a soft spot for December babies because we have so many December birthdays in our own family (which of course makes the month even more busy). I got to photograph baby R’s big sister a couple years ago, and this little guy was baby #6!! Scroll to the very end for an extra fun shot (props to their parents for pulling their outfits together at the last minute!).

After getting this fun sibling shot, their dad took the older kids to school and accidentally took the diaper bag with him, and also forgot his phone in my studio. Because of that, we were stuck for a while without any clean diapers while he searched for his phone elsewhere. I had to get creative while we waited to put a fresh diaper on the baby, so I threw this snowman look together. Holy cow, it was one of my most popular instagram posts ever! So fun.

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