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Rolls and rolls

My FAVORITE thing about 6 month old babies is how squishy and happy they are! B was both of those things and then some! His squishy cheeks and gummy grin are the cutest. He is on my 3 month milestone plan and I love getting to see him grow!

Rhees, 6 months old

I’m so thrilled that I’ve been so lucky to photograph Rhees every 3 months! She is absolutely gorgeous and just gets more and more beautiful! See her newborn session here and 3 months here.

Cutie pie sisters

These two are TOO cute! Some adorable shots from little M’s 6 month photoshoot…

Sleepy 6 month old

This little cutie showed up all smiles, and then suddenly decided she was done. Nothing a little cat nap couldn’t fix! I was so happy to be able to pose her like a newborn while she slept! After she woke up, she rounded out the session with lots of smiles.


I get to work with twins pretty often, but I’ve only had the chance to photograph two sets of identical twins! These cute boys’ momma taught me a little trick to tell them apart, but I still felt like I was seeing double the whole time. Because, well, I was. 😉 Check out their newborn session too!

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