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Sweet baby Johnathan

Oh. My. Little Johnathan is soooooo cute!! He was born a month early and he was oh-so-tiny, but with the most adorable rolls. He was a total champ for his photos. I got so many in such a short amount of time because he slept through most of his session. Talk about a dream baby!

Cutest babies ever

This fam seriously has some of the cutest babies ever. I got to photograph big sister a few years ago, and I was blown away by how much her baby brother looked alike! Their momma said they expected him to be bald, but it’s only fitting that her babies would have amazing hair (she owns a hair salon in Cedar City).

I love when clients come back to see me with their newest little ones! I could have photographed handsome little H all day.

Third baby!

I’m a 3rd child and I have 3 of my own kids, so of course I think 3rd babies are extra special. 🙂 I felt like such a dummy when after about 20 minutes into this session, I realized I had met this gorgeous momma before and even photographed her little girl last year! It was such a treat to get to work with this beautiful fam with their newest addition. Baby B was as cute as can be, and he was so expressive! His momma hoped for smiling and yawning shots, and he gave us plenty!

Baby brother

This adorable boy joined two older sisters and such a beautiful family. He was my last session of 2018, just before the new year!

Baby #3

I got to photograph this adorable baby boy’s big sister as a newborn, so it was an extra special treat to work with this family again! And oh my, he is soooooo cute!!

Baby number six

I love this family! I first met their momma when she was pregnant with baby #4 and we became instant friends. I got to photograph that cutie as a newborn too…so crazy that 7 years have already flown by! I always struggle to find words when pictures tell it so much better. Enjoy…baby number six is as perfect as the rest of this beautiful fam!

Hello, blog!

Once again I’ve let this blog gather dust and cobwebs! I have so many sessions I need to blog. This baby is just over 2 months old now, but I’ve wanted to share so many of his photos. Enjoy adorable baby Quade and his beautiful family. By the way, I’m now booking through July so contact me now for your baby’s photos!


Little Graham is so adorable! He was such a dreamy baby to photograph. December was a craaazy busy month, so I’m just catching up and he’s actually almost 2 months old now. The sweet newborn stage is so fleeting!

9 months old

This adorable blondie is on my 3 month milestone plan. It’s so incredible to see how much babies develop in their first year, so I highly recommend one of my milestone plans (every 3 months, 6 months, or we can customize it however you’d like!).

Anyway, I absolutely love getting to photograph this little guy! Not only is he the cutest thing ever, he’s also SO happy and full of smiles. Enjoy just a few…

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Wylder, one year older

Wylder was one of my favorite newborns last year, and so teeny tiny. It was so fun to see how much he’d changed at a year old, still completely adorable but now with some of the best rolls ever! He definitely knows how to work the camera with those baby blues. We love December birthdays around here and this month has been full of birthday babies!

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