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I had such a blast getting to photograph gorgeous oh-so-teeny little Mari and her beautiful family!

Baby sister

I got to photograph this cute family’s second baby, and I was thrilled to get to photograph baby #3 too! I always have a special spot in my heart for families with two boys and a girl, like my own kiddos. Soooo many favorites in this gallery!

Addie Mae

2019 ended with the most perfect session…my beautiful new niece! She was born a few days before Christmas, and I got to go visit her in Arizona while she was just days new. She is so precious, and we all love her so much!

Tiny & perfect

Little Vritika was a tiny little one, and oh my goodness she is absolutely beautiful and so photogenic! I’ll let her photos do the talking…

Parker = perfection

When this little beauty’s momma contacted me, I was already booked out pretty far, so I was unable to get her scheduled before that two-week newborn photo window. Of course, I always encourage people to get photos done anyway! The newborn phase is so precious, and it’s gone in the blink of an eye. She was 4 weeks old when I was able to get her in, but it still worked like a charm! She is such a gorgeous little sweetheart!

Little Miss Maeve

One of my favorite things about photographing newborns is the “unveiling” of the baby when parents arrive for their session. The carseat cover gets pulled back, and it’s so fun to see the precious little face hidden inside! Then I get to find out baby’s name and this little one did not disappoint! Her name is gorgeous, she is gorgeous….ahhh, seriously what a beauty! And no wonder, with the beautiful parents she has too! I love love loooooved this session so much! I am so excited that she is on my 6 month milestone plan, it’s going to be such a blast getting to watch her grow this year.

Gorgeous little Wren

Wren is every bit as beautiful as her name! I seriously loooooove it! She also had some of the best cheeks and lips. She’s a few months old now that I’m finally blogging her session — I can only imagine she has become even more divinely squishy! I loved getting to meet her and her stunning family. This was just before Christmas, so I had some fun with a few Christmas-y shots too. Here are just a few favorites from her session.

Beautiful Stormi

Little Stormi was oh-so-lovely! Such an absolutely beautiful baby. She had so much gorgeous hair with frosted tips, I’d never seen that before on a newborn! Enjoy just a handful of favorites from her session…

Sweet Savannah

This is why I madly work to catch up on blogging every few months (you think I’d learn my lesson, but with so many adorable photos to go through, blogging always gets put on the back burner). I just had to share some of her photos!! She was so itty bitty, and so absolutely dreamy to photograph.


I loved getting to meet this sweet new family! Little Aria was a complete dream to photograph, what a little doll! And I’ll tell you a little secret: I wish I could pull a pop of yellow into every photoshoot! So gorgeous!

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