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Identical triplets

I actually wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago and it disappeared. 🙁 I’m desperately behind on blogging so that’s just not okay! Here is try #2: (and it’s not letting me format it right, so sorry this post is choppy. Agh!! :P)

It was an honor to photograph this family and their identical triplets! Yes you read that right. They said the chances of their kind of triplets is about 1 in 200 MILLION. The babies were an absolute dream to photograph, as well Southern Utah newborn photographyEmily Menzie Photographybest newborn photographer Saint Georgemom and tripletsbest newborn photographer in Saint GeorgeBest newborn photographer Saint GeorgeEmily Menzie Photographynewborn tripletsbest newborn photographer Southern Utahnewborn tripletsidentical tripletsSt George newborn photographersnewborn triplets photosbest newborn photographerNewborn tripletsidentical newborn tripletsnewborn triplet photographynewborn photographers St Georgeidentical tripletsnewborn triplet photoSouthern Utah newborn photographeridentical triplestSouthern Utah newborn photographernewborn photographernewborn tripletsnewborn photosbaby boysEmily Menzie PhotographySt George newborn photographermultiples newborn photographySouthern Utah newborn photographernewborn identical tripletsnewborn photosas their sweet older brother. Such a beautiful family with the most handsome, sweet little boys. I had to write down which baby was which as I photographed them. Their parents are amazing and made everything look like a breeze (though I can only imagine they don’t feel like it’s easy at all!).

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