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Baby number SEVEN!

This gorgeous little babe belongs to one of my favorite families and a good friend of mine. I first met them just before they welcomed their fourth baby…I can’t believe they have seven now, and they make it look easy! Photographing a family of nine may sound tough, but it was a breeze! All of their kiddos are so sweet, well-behaved, and beautiful!


Based on how adorable her big brother was as a newborn, I knew this baby girl would be gorgeous…and oh my, she didn’t disappoint! Such a blast getting to photograph her and work with her sweet family again!


In this year filled with more baby girls than I’ve ever seen, Cal was only one of two newborn boy sessions I’ve had lined up this year! He made it so memorable with being extra adorable. I loved getting to work with his family again after getting to photograph his big brother!


I’ve got sooo many newborn girls lined up already for this year, but my first newborn of the year was all boy! Handsome little Everett is so sweet, annnnnd he was born on my birthday so that’s pretty cool too!


I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do, but sometimes I’m reminded just how special it is to be able to capture these sweet little ones! Adorable and oh-so-tiny Sebastian was long awaited for by his parents. He must have been excited too, because he arrived a month early! He weighed just around 5 pounds and is absolutely perfect.

Cutest little guy!

I’m playing catch-up whenever I can during this “break”. Of course, I use that term loosely — having kids home 24/7 keeps me plenty busy with their schoolwork, meals, cleaning, and repeat….all day every day. 😉 I’m still amazed at what good sports they are about being stuck at home for weeks.

Anyway…I loved getting to meet this beautiful family! Baby boy was such a dream to photograph too. I have about a billion favorites from their gallery…enjoy!


Harper is such a little beauty! Her daddy brought a very expensive custom baseball glove, which Harper promptly peed and pooped in. 😛 I really hope they were able to save the glove…but they definitely have a great story to tell her one day!


This beautiful fam used to be my neighbors, and can we just talk about how gorgeous their momma is?! Also, I think cutie Drew is in great hands with his sweet big sisters!

Three Men and a Little Lady

I’m really dating myself here, but the title of this post is one of the first movies I remember seeing in a theater. 😛 After three handsome boys, this family decided to be surprised for baby number four…and SURPRISE! It’s a GIRL!!!! And let me tell you, baby H is absolutely gorgeous. She was a complete dream for her photos!

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I found out this little beauty’s big bro is in my daughter’s class at school, so fun! Getting to photograph babies is my dream job, and Maelee made it extra dreamy! Her momma scheduled a mini newborn session and sometimes mini sessions can be tricky with newborns, but it worked like a charm.

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