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I think cutie Henry was around 6-7 weeks old when his parents brought him in for photos. I don’t get to work with that age often enough, so after working with newborns often it’s always fun to see how quickly babies progress throughout their first year of life!


Noah is sooo handsome and such a natural in front of the camera!

Second princess

I recently got to work with this beautiful family with baby #4, and was so surprised and excited when they came back for baby #5! Big sis was pretty outnumbered by all those cute brothers, so I’m sure she was over the moon to get a gorgeous baby sister!


So adorable I can hardly stand it! He was all smiles at first, and then he got scared of me…but he just couldn’t hide that cute dimple!


I had so much fun meeting cute little Tait and his parents. Lots of faves…


Oh, handsome little Slade…I love how he stared into my camera!


Colson is too cute! Soooo handsome with that blond hair and big blue eyes!

Scottlyn – 9 months & 1 year!

I got to photograph this cutie as a newborn, and then again at 9 months and one year. Since I got super behind on blogging, I decided to lump both of those sessions into one post. 🙂 Enjoy!

Baby L

I always LOVE working with this beautiful family, and I was thrilled to photograph their gorgeous new baby girl. If only I could teleport from California whenever I wanted so I wouldn’t have to miss out on all of these cuties as they grow! So sad for me!

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